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Christmas Trees

Heritage Pork and Hogget traditional tasting meat boxes.  Our online cart is not yet active, please contact us to order and cash or card payment on collection.

Christmas trees, come and choose your tree in our Christmas tree field, every weekend from 20th November


Start a special Christmas by choosing your own tree from our field

Rare Breed and Heritage breeds, slow grown on our flower rich meadows for outstanding flavour

Quality and taste takes time.  Our lambs keep grazing past the normal 5 months until they are  1-2 years old and known as "Hogget", still very tender but a far better flavour.

Our Large Black pigs are a heritage rare breed, far slower to mature than commercial breeds.  Flavour takes time.  They love to graze and forage which adds to their welfare and flavour, producing joints, sausages and bacon with amazing taste.

Pedigree stock occasionally for sale


Pedigree Large Black Pigs


Pedigree Shropshire Sheep


Christmas Trees

Large Black Pigs, also known as Cornish Black, a local breed and one of the rarest breeds in the UK, less than 300 sows. By farming rare breeds it ensures their survival. They are extremely docile and hardy and suited to outdoor grazing.  Although, when it's really wet in our Cornish winter they love a nice hay bed in the barn.  We think they are the best tasting pork and bacon of any breed!

Shropshire sheep were on the rare breed list but have made a recovery due to their tree friendly nature.  They are a large sheep which excel on grass, producing lovely tasting meat and a fine wool suitable for hand knitting. Our flock lamb indoors in February so the lambs can make the most of the Cornish spring.

Christmas trees are available from 20th November and through December straight from our field.  We don't spray the grass off but let our sheep help with the mowing.  We have a few Norway Spruce available as well as our main crop of non needle drop Nordmann Fir.  Open weekends or call for a time to walk round and choose your ideal tree from  5' to 10' to reserve, take away or we might be able to help with deliver locally.